simulating urban space use

How do people use spaces? Or to put it another way, how consistent are the proposed/designed spaces with the way they are actually used, and what kinds of informal/spontaneous/unexpected uses does a space finally host?

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pedestrian stand-off

These past few weeks I’ve been doing some reading on the Prisoner’s Dilemma. It is an interesting scenario used in game theory, especially its iterated version, on which there is a very interesting book as well, if someone is interested in an introduction to game theory. This reading is done partly because of an assignment, and partly because I think the iterated version of it might apply to certain urban phenomena (post to follow, as soon as I manage to wrap my head around the concept). However, yesterday I reached the point where I thought that I might have slightly overdone it with the reading. Continue reading

music venues heatmap visualisation

The first term of my studies at CASA is coming to an end, and I have to say that only now I am starting to fully enjoy the time spent studying here. The reason for this late appreciation is that only now I have managed to finally put to use the skills acquired during the first term. And what I mean by ‘put to use’ is on something that is not a course assignment, and is more a personal project. The result is a map of music venues located in and around central London.

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