accidentally, a World Map

Today’s post was inspired by Frank Jacobs’ post on accidental cartography here.

I was reading through the article, and quickly found myself checking the article’s images against world maps and comparing the similarities. So I did what any person with image-processing software installed on his laptop would do: I combined the images into a world map.


Interestingly, no images resembling Europe were found, putting Europe in second place as the least represented continent in accidental cartographic instances (Antarctica firmly holds first place). The most represented continents were Africa and Australia, and USA had the most hits concerning countries.

I apologize for Greenland’s extreme distortion. This world map is made using an equirectangular projection (for a non-accidental image of the world in an equirectangular map projection, see wikipedia), which greatly exaggerates latitude distances close to the poles.  For this reason, Greenland looks extremely distorted, and actually is much more elongated along its longitudinal axis.

Most of the source images for this map where found in Jacobs’ post, with some more gathered from here and here. For a bit more context on the various images, here’s another version of the map, that includes some more of the source images, along with a bit of text about them. Enjoy!



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